To Become a Member:

    At the recomendation of the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO), in March 2015, the BDFGC made major changes to its membership application process.
    The major change involves putting responsibility on the SPONSOR(s) to introduce the member candidate to the the executive (who will be voting on the approval) and the membership in general. This also involves ensuring that the member candidate is comfortable with the range itself and our safety procedures. Please note, that a "Sponsor" is defined as a current member (in good standing) with the BDFGC.
    To expedite this, the membership application process is as follows:
  • Have your Sponsor(s) attend an Executive meeting with you to be introduced to the executive.
  • Ideally, at this time you would present your completed application and fee to the Membership Director for approval.

    A common problem, is that you cannot find a sponsor on your own.
  • Please, Contact us via The Contact Us page! Explain the situation and we will schedule a time that you can come to the facility to meet other members, and potentially find someone willing to stand as your Sponsor.

    In addition, our Mailing Address is:

P.O. Box 1653
2450 County Road 46 (Lyn Road)
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 6E6
Phone : (613) 342-3570


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