Club Notices!

Mar 4, 2015 - Changes to the New Member Application and Sponsor Process!

Dear BDFGC Members and Prospective Members;

At the recent December 2014 Members Annual General Meeting (AGM) the membership gave the executive/directors a mandate to make changes to the (new) membership application and acceptance process. This move was prompted by recent recommendations by the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario (CFO) concerning safety and liability issues that have come to their attention. Adding to the concerns, some local Ranges and Shooting clubs have found it necessary to make drastic changes including limiting and closing their clubs to any additional memberships due to unspecified incidents.

While the Brockville District Fish and Game Club (BDFGC) gets a handle on implementing these changes we have decided to implement an initial step while we assess the situation. Effective immediately there will be an additional responsibility placed on the new applicants sponsor.

Sponsors have always been responsible to acquaint the new member (applicant) to the range and its facilities, ensure they are familiar with all the safety procedures and have been introduced to the existing membership.

As an additional step, the sponsor is now also responsible to introduce the new member applicant to some of the directors who will be voting on their membership application. We have been asking new prospective members to come out to the range and introduce themselves for some time now (when they don't know a member to act as a sponsor), and this seems to be working well. This introduction can be the sponsor/new-applicant visit the range during an event (normally on Sunday mornings) or attend the directors meeting together when the application is presented. This next step will formalize the process.

We hope that these measures will provide the security and safety that is being recommended for our club and keep it open for many more years to come.

Aug 6, 2014 - Update - 50/100 Yard Range Now Open!

To All Members;

We have just completed the work to the 50/100 yard ranges and have had an inspection by the CFO.  We have a verbal acceptance of the work.

The 200/300 yard range is still closed but we have accepted a quote to complete that as well.  Work should continue right away. 

Many thanks to those who have been volunteering their time to keep the momentum going on these repairs.

Stay tuned for more details.

Mar 23, 2014 - Update - 100 Yard Range Now Open!

To All Members;

We have just received approval to reopen the 100 yard range to full usage. There is a condition that it must be re-inspected after the ground thaws.

The 50 yard range is still restricted to rifles only and the 200/300 yard ranges remain closed until the work is completed.

Stay tuned for more details.

Jan 09, 2014 - Update - Temporary 100/300 Yard Range Closure By The CFO!

To All Members;

Now that the weather has turned in favor of construction (and heavy equipment) the work to the 100 yard range is nearly complete. We are also attempting to get the repairs made to the 50 and 300 yard ranges, while the ground so hard. Please stay tuned for updates, read the executive meeting minutes or contact an executive member for the most recent information.

Sept 15, 2013 - Temporary 100/300 Yard Range Closure By The CFO!

To All Members;

As of Thurs, Sept 12, 2013 the 100 and 300 yard ranges have been closed by the CFO for inadequate back stop height.
In addition the 50 yard range has been limited to rifles only and no 25 yard shooting is allowed. The target supports have been removed at 25 yards.

We have contractors quoting to do the required work and plan to have the 100 and 300 yard ranges open again as soon as possible.

The 25 yard range is open as usual.

Please read and follow the instructional signs posted on the effected ranges.

Jan 26, 2013 - CSSA Challenges CFO!

From: CSSA-CILA E-News Bulletins.
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 4:21 PM
Subject: [CSSA-CILA E-News] CSSA pledges court action against Ontario'sChief Firearms Office



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CSSA pledges court action against Ontario's Chief Firearms Office

Lawyer Ed Burlew to oppose civil servants who create their own laws

The Canadian Shooting Sport Association (CSSA) is preparing to take the Ontario~Rs Chief Firearms Office (CFO) to court for imposing artificial transport
regulations on responsible owners of restricted and prohibited firearms.

Under ~SAuthorization to Transport~T regulations imposed many years ago, the CFO has permitted transporting listed firearms between the owners~R home and any
approved shooting range in Ontario in accordance with the federal Firearms Act. Responsible firearm owners have been doing it for over a decade virtually
without incident.

The CFO~Rs new arbitrary Authorization to Transport regulations quash the previous rights conferred under the Criminal Code, and suddenly specifies that sport
shooters are only permitted transport to shooting clubs where the permit holder is a ~Smember in good standing.~T New rules say sport shooters may only visit
shooting ranges where they have a written invitation, and incredibly, they must surrender that invitation to a police officer upon demand.

~SOntario~Rs Chief Firearms Office has decided that the laws of Canada were not good enough for them, so once again, they are writing their own,~T says CSSA
spokesman Tony Bernardo. ~SThere is no justification or reason for the CFO to demand a qualification that has no basis in law. They just make it up as they go.
This is not a safety issue, it is a power issue. Law-making does not lie with civil servants, it is the job of Parliament.

~SOntario~Rs firearms owners have a rich history of being lawful and trustworthy,~T he adds. ~SThey come from all walks of life and many are professional
pillars in their communities. The CFO does not have the mandate to make laws based on their own whim and fancy. This is just one more cheap attempt at
frustrating sport shooters to the point they will give up their heritage activities.~T

The CSSA, which has a long tradition of protecting sport shooters~R rights, has accepted the generous offer of Edward Burlew, LLB, to commence legal
proceedings against the Chief Firearms Office. Mr. Burlew is Canada~Rs premier authority on Firearms Act interpretation and has been CSSA~Rs chief counsel for
more than a decade. He recently won a high-profile victory for the rights of all Canadians in his successful defence of Ian Thompson, a Welland, Ontario man
persecuted for defending himself by firing warning shots as local criminals fire-bombed his house with Molotov cocktails.

~SEd Burlew is the right choice for Team CSSA to defend against the CFO~Rs assault on the rights of firearms owners,~T says Bernardo. ~SMr. Burlew has the
track record and the experience. The CFO has once again crossed the line creating laws as they go and we intend to hold them to account.~T

Donations to this challenge may be made to:
"ATT Challenge"  116 Galaxy Blvd, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 4Y6
Or by phone 416-679-9959, Fax 416-679-9910, Toll Free: 1-888-873-4339
On the Web to:

For more information contact Team CSSA at 905-571-2150
or by email:
YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE NOT ENOUGH:   If you want to defend your right to own and use a firearm -- if the freedom to hunt and shoot is important to you --
then you need to support CILA, the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action.  CILA  defends your firearms rights on Parliament Hill, the United Nations, in
provincial legislatures and in courtrooms across Canada. Be part of the solution. Please support CSSA-CILA today by donating

 The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada's firearms heritage,
traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that
promote these Canadian heritage activities.

To join or donate to the CSSA, visit: 
To subscribe to the CSSA-CILA E-NEWS, send email to: or
To unsubscribe send email to:
To change your address or manage your subscription options, visit:
116 Galaxy Blvd, Etobicoke  ON  M9W 4Y6
Phone 416-679-9959,  Fax: 416-679-9910
Toll Free: 1-888-873-4339


Dec 9, 2012 - OFAH Insurance Description!

Click here for a practical explanation of the clubs OFAH liability insurance coverage!

Dec 12, 2011 - Trap Range Closed by Order of the CFO!

Please note that as of the last range inspection the TRAP RANGE is closed until further notice by order of the CFO!  See the Executive Meeting minutes for details.

Aug 3, 2011 - BDFGC.COM name is back!

Please note that the old, original club domain name has been re-aquired.  It no longer points to a eastern european site.  This is the original domain name that was acquired by Reg Read.  The club now owns and operates and

Dec 2, 2010 - Message/Request From The Secretary!

1.  Please email the Secretary, Wes Rideout, to let him know your email contact info (via the contact us page).  This will enable us to send out timely messages about club functions and activities. Postage for club notices runs about $80 plus envelopes and photocopying for each message.

2. Some of you may have noticed that your Authorization To Transport (ATT) expires the sooner of either the same date as your Possession Acquisition Licence (P.A.L.) Or on Sep 30, 2011.  The secretary will be requesting renewal of ALL club members ATT in June from the C.F.O, in Barrie. PLEASE ensure your P.A.L. Has been renewed by then (June) if it is to expire this year. That way when the ATTs are renewed they will expire on Sep 30, 2014 or the date of your PAL which ever is sooner.  Your PAL is good for 5 years. It would make unnecessary workload for the Secretary to renew all ATTs by the Sep 30, 2011 deadline only to resend the information for club members whose PAL expired in October.  The CFO will NOT renew an ATT past the expiry date of the PAL. ( I do hope this was clear, I used to be a federal bureaucrat and suffer relapses!!!)

3. Everyone using the range MUST sign in/out with their Club membership number. The sign-in sheet is just inside the inside handgun firing point building.  If you have a guest that is a member of another range in Ontario and paying insurance at that location they do not have to pay here. Those guests not having insurance coverage MUST pay our daily range fee of $10.00. Leave a note in the box below the sign-in sheet for follow-up by the treasurer.

Jan 27, 2010 - Major Web Page Changes!

As part of the web site migration from to some major changes have been made.

In general, all private (member only) data has moved to the more secure "members" page and most of the frequently updated public data has been moved to allow for ease of editting.

Feel free to play with the new features and send the administrator a message if you have any problems.

Specifically, the following content has moved to the page:
- Meeting Minutes, Treasurers Reports and Procedural Forms
- Club personal email addresses
- Photographs
- Contact Us form, Application Form, etc

Jan 9, 2010 - New Club Domain BDFGC.CA!

Please note the web page change from the old to the new
This was due to several reasons but the main being economic, the secondary being a more secure environment to expand into.
Please send an email to the address on the main page if you find any problems with the new site.

Apr 21, 2009 - June 14, 2009 Summer Pistol Shoot!

1) For the summer handgun shoot the course of fire will be:

20 yard, rimfire and centerfire,
- 10 rounds slow fire,
- 10 rounds timed ( 5 rds, 20 sec, reload 5 rds 20 sec)
10 yard, rim OR center fire, 5 rounds, slow fire, one hand.
Total shots 45

Prizes 1st grand aggregate 45 rounds
1st and 2nd rimfire 20 rounds
1st and 2nd centerfire 20 rounds
Tightest group for 10 yard

2) Fun shoot late morning or afternoon
20 and 50 yard rimfire rifle
separate targets for iron and optical/electrical sights

3) Other Events if time permits (ie. skeet)

(Added 090421)

Jan 8, 2009

In the December 2008 "Gord Brown Communicator" there is a notice concerning an extension of the waiver(s) for shooter and firearms registration. The specific areas are:
- fee waiver until May 16, 2009
- amnesty until May 16, 2009
- POL renewal until May 16, 2009.
If you have lapsed or missed the previous deadlines this opportunity is for you.

Dec 30, 2008 / Jan 1, 2009

The web page has been updated for the new year. It reflects the new event calendar, current executive and directors, updated email addresses and some notices about fee changes for 2010. If you have any updates, comments, suggestions or content (ie. photos) please pass them along.

Also, please note that 2008 membership expires on Dec 31, 2008. Please ensure that you have renewed. Failure to renew will impact your liability insurance and ATT (for handgun members). This is also a good time to ensure that your firearms and hunting licences are current.

Dec 9, 2008

The HISTORY link has been updated to provide some OLD club information that I've been able to find.
You can also get a preview of the 2009 Executive there.

Also, the minutes of the Dec 3, 2008 Executive and AGM have been posted to the MINUTES link.

Oct 1, 2008 - Archery Chair Needed

James Plumley has confirmed his intention to retire as the Archery Chair at the end of 2008.

James has been successfully running the Archery competitions for many years and feels it is time to step down. Many thanks to James for his commitment to BDFGC!

If anyone is interested in continuing with Archery at the BDFGC please make your intentions known and James is willing to help.

Again, many thanks James!

Sep 17, 2008 - Range Lease Notice





Aug 16, 2008 - Capt. Harry McBratney Biathlon

Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, participants and spectators!
Click here for the Official Results!
2008 Captain McBratney Biathlon (Aug 16)
And mini Candid photos!

If any one wants high(er) resolution copies of the candids just let me know via email and I will forward them.

Jul 02, 2008 - Membership Status!

As of June 30, 2008 Club membership stands at:
125 members (mailing list)
25 family members
80 ATT's are issued

Jun 22, 2008 - Chairmans Report on the Jun 14/15 Black Powder Shoot.

Oronhyatekha Challenge
There were 4 competitors, the winner was Ivan Zeran.
Ivan Zeran 259-2X
Bob Miller 244
John Dewager 234-3X
Mike Procter 227

On a sad note, I was informed by John Dewager that long time black powder shooter, gun builder and many-time winner of the Oronhyatekha Challenge, Jack Welsman, passed away in late May. Jack started this shoot 20 years ago.

Our condolences from the Brockville District Fish and Game Club go out to the Welsman family. He sure will be missed by all the shooters here and in the US.

Reg Read Memorial Muzzle Loading Shoot
There were 3 competitors, the winner was Bob Miller.
Bob Miller 134-1X
John Dewager 112-2X
Nick Gruich (Shot minie ball; score not counted)

Note that 27 notices were sent out well in advance, this is the result!

Profit for the Sat shoot was $6 and Sun $10, I still have postage and misc charges to be paid back. If no more than this shows up it is difficult to justify having the shoot, and 3 days were spent there. Thank you to all the members that helped.

James Dobson
Black Powder - Chairman

Apr 15, 2008 - Problems Seeing Web Page Updates!

The "Edited" date in the left-hand column shows the last time the web page was updated. If you do not see changes that you were expecting press the "Refresh" button on your browser to get the new page. Some browsers tend to "cache" old web pages for a few days before updating, depending on your own computers configuration. The "Refresh" button will override this internal setting. In particular, new photos were added on Sun Apr 13, 2008. Note that the "Refresh" button typically ony effects the page you are looking at.

Feb 6, 2008 - Collecting Range Useage Fees and NFA Insurance For Visitors!

Larry Foss has implemented a system to aid in collecting Useage ($5/day) and Insurance ($3/day) fees paid by visitors to the range.

The new system involves 2 blank (business card sized) cards to be filled in with date, names, addresses and amount paid. The member collecting the fees fills in their member number. The cards are left at the range (in the provided container) and the member keeps the money. The member is then "billed" for the collected fees at a later date. This system is simply to protect the club and visitor in the event of any injury while on the property. The cards must be completed in order to know who is at the range and has (paid) for liability insurance in the event of any future claims.

The fees are only to be collected for visitors who are actually shooting, they are charged on a per shooter basis and cover one full day of activities.

Contact the Club secretary or any executive member if you have questions.
(Edited 080208)(Edited 080508)

Feb 6, 2008 - CFO Scrutinizing ATT Applications!

The Range Officer (Bev P.) has received correspondence from the CFO (Chris Wyatt) that range operations and ATT applications are being reviewed across Ontario. Please remember to observe the range rules, maintain your membership "in good standing" and remember to sign in at the club-house or pistol house when participating in handgun events or whenever you come out to shoot. This is very important.

The club has been requested to attend a "Range Operators Seminar" on Apr 26 to discuss the current situation.
(Edited 080331)

Jun 8, 2007 - Bow Hunting Certification Training!

Larry Foss and James Dobson are now Bow Hunting Certification Instructors. This certification is required to bow hunt in other provinces and states. It is not currently required in Ontario but there is activity to this end. Some example URLs are:
Nova Scotia
Borden Local Requirement
One American Example

Contact Larry or James for more local and timely information.

May 27, 2007 - NEW "Personal Injury" Reporting Requirements from the CFO of Ontario!

NEW Regulations and Forms Page!

Apr 15, 2007 - Club Approved Targets!

Please note that only Club Approved targets are allowed on the range. This means no cans, bottles, etc should be used. Novelty type targets are allowed on the range (ie. balloons) but must be approved in advance.

Mar 7, 2007 - Pistol Shooters ATT Changes!

The club has been notified of changes to regulations concerning the issuance of ATT's.

Along with the requirement of being a "member in good standing", you must now also shoot in club sponsored activities at least once every 6 months.
When you visit the club, be sure to fill out the log sheets located in the clubhouse and/or pistol house.

There will be additional details in the next Newsletter.

Mar 7, 2007 - Club Membership Status and ATT's!!

Due to the change in ATT regulations the Executive will now review all unpaid memberships at the first meeting of the new year. At that time, all members who have been mailed and called about their renewal, and have not complied, will have their ATT cancelled.

There will be additional details in the next Newsletter.

Mar 7, 2007 - Mailed News Letters Will Now Become Electronic Only!

It has been proposed that the next mailed Newsletter will be the last. From now on it is planned to have the Newsletter available electronically on the web page only. This is mainly due to the administrative time involved and the cost. If you have opinions on this decision please make them known.

There will be additional details in the next Newsletter.

Jan 1, 2007 - Photo Page Now Available!

I have added some photographs to the "Club Photos" link. If you have pictures you would like to have added just forward them to me along with an appropriate caption. Also, if anyone knows the dates of the current pictures just let me know and I'll update them.

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